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QuikFits is a fitness and wellness company that specializes in helping you help yourself be the best YOU; you can be. We understand your life is full. Which is why we offer a 30-minute regiment that will help you get fit and not disturb your lifestyle. We have several business owners, college students and other professionals that take advantage of what we have to offer to stay on track with their fitness goals. If you are looking for serious results, we will love to work with you. Our highly qualified staff has the patience and motivation to keep you engaged. So let's make it happen. We're located on the beltline in Mobile, AL next door to Jovi's Bridal. Click to book your session.

Why Choose QuikFits?

We meet our clients where they are and push them to the next level through motivation and accountability. Our vision is to change the mentality of one person each day.

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We are not here to take your money. Therefore we assure that our prices match our services and are affordable.

Qualified Professionals

All of our trainers are highly trained and understand how to build effective programs to get the best results.


Our staff, along with our clients, hold each other accountable in and outside of the gym. Someone will always check with you to make sure you stay on track.


We take pride in being organized and prepared for your session.


We don't promise results! We guarantee that we will give you the best service designed to help you become the best YOU possible.

Quikfits Fitness And trainer TJ McCord is one of the absolute best in Mobile, AL when it comes to fitness. The Quikfits team is dedicated not only to getting its clients physically fit, but they are dedicated to creating a complete healthy lifestyle change for each client! I would recommend their services 10xs over!!!! Excellent service and even better Results!

India W.

Best Trainer in the State of Alabama

Ellis F.

TJ is very compassionate about helping you reach your fitness goals. He offers daily eating challenges, as well as, challenging workouts! Motivational inside and outside of them gym! Best Trainer, Coach, Boss I’ve ever had! Professional with a capital P!

Carla B.

When I talked to TJ, I was about to give up and be my lil chubby self. After a few sessions, I felt like this is what working out suppose to be like. I have gained a new sense for healthy eating and lifestyle. He is truly " your favorite trainer"!

Tiffany M.

Best gym in Mobile! Quikfits pushes me to leave it all at the gym and put forth my best effort to receive the best results! I love my gym! #QuikfitsFam #LetsEat

Keitha D.

3351 Moffett Rd.
Suite B,
Mobile, AL 36607
Tel: (251) 265-3668

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