Metabolic Group Training

Metabolic Group Training covers various combinations of intense, efficient cardiovascular and muscular training. It'll spike your metabolism, crush calories like beer cans, lift your lactate threshold, boost your ability to make muscle, and maximize your body's capacity for change.

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Semi-Private Training

A great way to ensure you’re getting a one-on-one training atmosphere for half the price we offer Semi-Private training. Semi-Private training is individually programmed and specifically coached sessions allowing 2-3 members to be trained simultaneously. Whether you are participating for weight loss, general fitness, or sport-specific training, each trainer will keep you focused and entertained to help you get results faster. With our Semi-Private training, we ensure that it is one of the highest quality and effective exercise programs.

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Sports Performance Training

Sports performance training is the training of the body and mind to prepare the athlete for the rigors of a specific sport. The focus is to enhance the athlete’s performance in competition by using the latest advancements in sports science and kinesiology to develop a sports particular strength and conditioning program that improves the athlete’s overall athleticism – one’s strength, agility, speed, power, coordination, and balance as it relates to the sport in which they compete.

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Online Training

We may not physically be able to reach you, but that does not mean you can’t use our expertise. With our online training program, we have the luxury of training you wherever you may be. Through QuikFits app we can create workout programs specifically for YOU! Click on the sign up now button, and fill out a brief questionnaire. Once you have completed the questionnaire, we will recommend a program that is suitable for your needs. Your workouts will have instructional videos that demonstrate each exercise within the program. During the program, you will notify me when each session is completed and we will track your progress together. All this is done from your smartphone device. Online training is a great cost-effective option that gets you a great bang for your buck!

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Corporate Wellness

Our team-building programs are designed to strengthen inter-colleague relationships, communication, efficiency, and wellness. We're interested in promoting a healthy lifestyle both in and outside of the office.

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