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Check out these testimonies from actual clients who have gone stayed true to the QuikFits program and seen their bodies change from the inside out!


Chanel - TX

Let me be transparent...Ever thought you’d never get your athletic body back after having a cesarean?!? Let me tell you I’m not perfect and my story will never be like anyone else but there was something inside of me that wanted change after happy eating myself into a size that I was no longer comfortable with. With the encouragement of my distant trainer, consistently working out, meal preps, and forcing myself to eat breakfast I was able to drop the weight and keep it off while still working on reaching my goal. Make a plan and work the plan. I was thrown off by obstacles with the most challenging being displaced my Hurricane Harvey and that constant soreness when stepping out of comfort zones...but trust in yourself that it can be done and you’re not alone.

Danielle - AL

I began my weight loss journey in August of 2015 . After 2 kids I got up to 221 pounds. I never exercised, I ate tons of fast food, was depressed and unhappy with my body. I stopped going out, taking pictures and I ended doing things with my family and friends. Due to my weight, I couldn’t fitany of my clothes, which made me even more depressed. I was always tired and had zero energy. I was losing myself and I knew I had to change. 

I was then introduced to T. J. McCord by a friend that worked out with him and saw great results. I began in TJ’s group sessions then moved to semi- private sessions due to my schedule. One of my biggest issues were sugar cravings and late night snacking. T. J. then introduced me to Herbalife. Herbalife allowed me to supplement meals, which boosted my energy levels, and eliminated my late night cravings. My water intake increased and I’ve gone from 221lbs to 184lbs. My journey has not been perfect but it has been worth it. My advice to anyone starting their fitness journey is to first find something that motivates you, for me that was my family. Second, seek a trainer that is not in the business for the money, but genuinely loves helping people. Lastly, be patient and trust the process.