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Drop in for a 30 minute consultation, where we will go over your issues, and create plan to help you reach your goal as QUIK as possible. Please cancel 3 hours in advance if necessary.


 Discuss your past workout history & your current fitness goals. 

 Create a customized schedule & workout program. 

 Tour Facility & go over expectations.

what to bring:

 Please wear athletic/workout gear if possible. 

 Bring payment information (No Cash ). 

 Any important medical information. 

what to look forward too:

 Join our QuikFits Fam with people who have the same goals & will hold you accountable during your journey. 

 Receive instructions from qualified & well trained QuikFits Fitness Instructors who will remove you from your comfort zone and push you past your limits. 

 Finally, get the RESULTS you want & learn to sustain them. 

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