You Need to go to Sleep.

Jan 16, 2019


The infamous word to describe the path to success is GRINDING! Everyone is grinding to improve their career to improve their lifestyle further. Some feel that staying up late and waking up early gives them enough time to grind, in doing so you're sacrificing one of the essential components that improve your lifestyle, SLEEP!

Sleep is often the first thing we sacrifice when life gets hectic, and we want to get more things done. Studies have shown that as Americans, 70% of us are not getting enough sleep which is leading to issues such as memory loss and even forms of cancer. Along with memory loss and malignant diseases, more and more people are becoming obese and unhealthy due to the lack of sleep. Just as eating clean and training hard improves fitness, so does sleep. Continue reading to learn how.

How Sleep Affects Weight Loss

We bust our butts in the gym and kitchen with multiple goals to achieve, but the lack of sleep is ultimately killing our gains. Not only is the lack of sleep killing your gains, but it frustrates your fat cells causing "metabolic grogginess." Those frustrated fat cells create insulin (the master storage hormone) resistance, and the fat cells produce an excess amount of insulin. Surplus insulin stores fat into your liver, causing you to suffer from diseases like diabetes.

Lack of sleep also causes you to crave food. Research published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism found that sleeping less than six hours triggers the area of your brain that increases your need for food while stimulating the hunger hormone ghrelin. Cortisol a stress hormone that increases fat gain, levels rise when you don't get enough sleep. Combining ghrelin and high cortisol levels cause the side of your brain that indicates that you are full to shut down, allowing you to feel hungry even after you have eaten a large meal.

Exercise For More Sleep

During sleep, our bodies grow and recover our broken down muscles. Your body produces a growth hormone which is a natural source of anti-aging and fat burning which facilitates recovery. As I stated above, poor sleep increases the stress hormone cortisol, which slows down your growth hormone. Studies show that exercising, especially in the morning, causes people to wake fewer times throughout the night allowing them to get more sleep.

Exercising regularly and sleeping more regulates blood pressure, reduces stress, stimulates mental clarity and memory, and manages cravings and appetite. On average it's recommended that you should get 6 to 9 hours of sleep a night. Getting quality rest almost assures that one miserable night of sleep isn't followed up by another.

Ways To Get More Sleep

If you are having trouble sleeping, try a few tips below.

  • Eliminate all distractions by turning off all electronics an hour before bed to shut down the mind.
  • Use the bedroom only for sleep and sex, remove TV's and work from the bedroom.
  • Take a power nap for at least 20 minutes during the day.
  • Create a routine of waking up and going to sleep at the same time every day.
  • Avoid consuming caffeine after 4 p.m. during the day.
  • Exercise daily. You will have an easier time sleeping.

Everyone is different and need different amounts of sleep. Make sleep a priority, listen to your body and know how much sleep works for you. You will feel better, be more productive, and probably look better too. LOL! Lastly, contact to make sure that you workout two to three times a week. Your sleep and well being depends on it.